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Welcome  to the webpage for the Christmas Trees Atlantic Association 


 ~ where growers always work to help other growers.


Christmas Trees Atlantic Association consists of growers from quite a broad geographical area, but most are from the Atlantic provinces of eastern Canada, in particular New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  We do strive to serve each and every grower, and have very strong ties with growers from around the world and other Associations.  We are pleased to represent both New Brunswick and Nova Scotia on the Canadian Christmas Trees Association.  

Our members grow trees with passion and love. They share a strong bond to the land, and take pride in the part we play to provide real, farm grown, natural and sustainable Christmas trees and greenery products like brush and wreaths to families at Christmas.  Thank-you for visiting this page.

We are just under construction, so this will be a bit rough, and definitely incomplete at this moment.  Visit us often to measure our growth!